A Modern Irish Restaurant

I was planning on doing a post about designing with green today. Somehow though, my wheels started spinning. I daydreamed about how I would design my version of an Irish restaurant/pub here in the states. Having waitressed in one for several years and visited my fair share of them here and in Ireland, it somehow seemed fitting today. 

I envisioned it as a place for a casual meal but with a bit of refinement. You'd get a modern take on traditional Irish and American cuisine, but nothing would look or taste pretentious. It would be a simple space inspired by some rustic and traditional elements of Irish homes, warmed by a fire, reflecting the colors of the Irish flag ever so subtly. It would be a space to gather over delicious food and drink and share good craic. There'd be live music, both new and old, the artwork would reflect the history and culture of Ireland and the Irish in America, but simply done. There would be work from local artists of pastoral scenes, seascapes, cityscapes and photographs of smiling, laughing faces.

As you can see, there would be lots of texture, wood, linen, and leather (vinyl). The walls would be whitewashed. The dishware and glassware seen above is from the well know Irish glassblower, Simon Pearce, who now lives in Vermont.

For me, this embodies the warmth I remember from Irish homes and the comfort I've always found in special Irish haunts here in New York. I guess that's what was on my mind and in my heart today. There's more about that, in my extra post below this. I feel very lucky to have experienced these places in my life and to be able to express it in my work.  

Whadd'ya think? Read for some fish and  chips and a pint? I'd love to create this space somewhere for someone. 

If you're celebrating today, wherever you are or end up, I hope the gifts of the Irish that inspired me today, are with you.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!