about me, Erin Andrews

Writing about myself is not something I relish, but writing about who and what I love is a different story.  I started blogging back in 2010 (Out on a Limb) as young mom in need of a creative outlet. I was a new stay-at-home mom to two, after years of teaching middle/High School English. Grateful as I was, I craved something for my mind and soul. Carving a little time out of my days to reflect and write met that need and led me on a path to a whole new journey.

Today, I run a small interior design business, Indigo House Interiors, which focuses on decorating  for average homes and small businesses. As a wife, mom, entrepreneur designer and teacher, I've come to learn that interior design is so much more than selecting the perfect pieces for our spaces. It's creating an environment where we can thrive,  find comfort, function and peace in a way that's attainable. Simply put, it's creating space for life to happen. It's brought me great joy since I was small.

Designing a Life

As my own life and roles have changed, so has my blog. It's where I share my thoughts and challenges, my family and projects, tips, inspiration,  and glimpses into how real life shapes all of these. 

I live in a 1948 Cape on Long Island (NY) that's forever changing and evolving (aka never finished), with my very patient husband, two kiddos and giant dog, Nell.

I hope you enjoy it here and share your adventures with me, too.