Dorm living

When I went away to college I ran the gamut of emotions. That first year was a roller coaster in so many ways, but for me, having a soft place to land was my security blanket. I certainly didn't spend my whole year in the room, but I did underestimate how it would function: library, party site (although I usually was smart enough to let my friends host the parties in their rooms), living room, vanity, bedroom. Decorating my dorm room was therapeutic. After my parents left and I wasn't sure what to do with myself, I set to work with my fun tack, hanging my U2 posters and collages of photos from home, set out my IKEA picture frames, my new banker's desk lamp and hunter green landline phone. My pink, teal, green and white madras plaid comforter set the tone, and by parents' weekend, my mom had added the perfect teal area rug and light green curtains with ribbon tie backs to our space. My roommate and I loved it. I suppose I was always a nester and came by it naturally, thanks to my mom.

My first niece is about to graduate high school, and when she asked me to help her decorate her dorm room I jumped at the chance. She knew the color scheme she wanted to work with and had already selected a pink down comforter. From there, I created three looks for her to choose from or mix and match and sent her the links to shop from. And with that, my newest design service was born: Express Dorm Design.

I create custom dorm design packages which include any and all of the items your coed needs to make their first place away from home feel as comfortable as their own bedroom. After filling out a style and needs survey on my website, I curate a collection of items to give you one cohesive look, complete with a Pinterest link for brainstorming and sharing, updated links for shopping/purchasing,  and practical notes for implementation. These packages are $150 (unless further customization is requested).

For those who don't want such a custom plan, you can shop from my gallery of pre-made Dorm Designs for $75. These are subtly themed or designed around a color scheme and come with links for shopping and brief notes for implementation. They can be customized for an additional fee, but essentially come as is.

If you're looking for a unique gift for a high school grad in your life, please keep me in mind! I'd love to collaborate with you are your grad. Both of these packages are purchased and completed virtually, so you don't need to live near me or your graduate to gift them with one.

Below are a few of my Pre-Made designs. I'll be adding more every day or so. If you'd like to learn more, head to my site and click under services for Express Dorm Design or contact me.

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Preppy Chic jpeg.jpg
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Pink, Grey + Gold Dorm website.jpg

Have a great weekend!